aLIGO Construction
Control Room
Data Acquisition
Data Storage
Interferometer electronics
Entrance and Meeting Room
Laser Table
Building Roof
Bridge over X-Arm
Corner Station
Education Center outside
Education Center inside

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Welcome to a virtual tour of the Livingston LIGO Observatory. LIGO and its international partners expect to open up a whole new field of astronomy: gravitational wave astronomy. Every time we have looked up at the sky using new technology we have found new objects, new surprises and we have deepened our understanding of the surrounding universe.

We hope that this tour will give you a little insight into LIGO’s Observatory, located in Livingston, LA. Each link will bring you a new 360 degree panoramic image. To look around you can use your mouse or the arrow keys in combination with the shift and control key (to zoom in and out).

© Zsolt Frei, William Katzman, Peter Pozsgai and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, 2012