Control Room
Electrical Engineering Lab
Laser and Vacuum Equipment Area (LVEA)
LVEA Infrasound Detector
LVEA Test Mass
Mass Storage Room Computers
Outside the Laser Enclosure
LIGO Hanford Beam Tube Display
Pre-Stabilized Laser Table 1
Pre-Stabilized Laser Table 2
Pre-Stabilized Laser Table 3
X Arm End Station
Y Arm End Station 1
Y Arm End Station 2

Y Arm End Station 2

At the left, viewers can see the LIGO Hanford Y arm beam tube entering the end station, proceding through a cryogenic pump and continuing to the right, ultimately to a large vacuum chamber that's obscured from view by a pump cart and racks of electronics. On the concrete pedestal adjacent to the beam tube's entry point, a large structure sits wrapped in sterile plastic. This is a large piece of vacuum-rated equipment (hence the need for a clean protective wrap) scheduled for installation at a time after these photos were taken.


This is a 360 panoramic image. To look around, place the cursor over the image and hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse. To zoom in, press the SHIFT key. To zoom out, press the CONTROL key.


Inside the clean room that shelters the cryopump, a large pyramid-shaped metal pier rises to a height slightly above the beam tube. This optical lever pier houses a laser in the top encasement that sends a small beam onto the surface of the test mass downstream at an angle. The beam refects onto a sensor on the opposite side of the beam tube, provide a signal that LIGO uses to control the angular position of the mirror.

© Zsolt Frei, Dale Ingram, William Katzman, Peter Pozsgai and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, 2015