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Pre-Stabilized Laser Table 1

Here viewers can see inside the pre-stabilized laser (PSL) enclosure that was visible from the outside in the panorama named "Outside the Laser Enclosure." Steer the panorama so that the white-garbed scientist appears to the left of center. The large gray case with a blue lid in front of the scientist holds the high power amplifier (HPA), a system that receives up to 35W of 1064nm light from a laser that sits out of view behind the HPA and boosts the beam to nearly 200W. The large black case on the left contains diagnostic electronics. An in-vacuum reference cavity used to stabilize the main beam against frequency drifts resides in the large beige tube. To the left of the reference cavity sits intensity stabilization electronics and a mode cleaner cavity.


This is a 360 panoramic image. To look around, place the cursor over the image and hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse. To zoom in, press the SHIFT key. To zoom out, press the CONTROL key.


A periscope occupies the rightmost end of the PSL table. Mirrors at the bottom and top of the periscope transfer the laser beam from table height to the height of a viewport on the neighboring vacuum chamber The light pipe that's visible at the top right carries the light through the enclosure wall and onto the chamber viewport, where the beam enters the vacuum system. Several infrared-sensitive cameras occupy positions on the PSL table that transmit views of the beam profile to the LHO control room.

© Zsolt Frei, Dale Ingram, William Katzman, Peter Pozsgai and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, 2015